See the best Moscow attractions with a plan including Moscow Top Tours

Top Things to do in Moscow in summer

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for what to do in Moscow. The city attracts people from all over the world with its fabulous art museums, trendy bars and restaurants, and unforgettable icons like St Basils Cathedral and the Kremlin fortress. If you want to feel the irrepressible energy of the city, it’s high time to look at our list.

  1. Visit Zaryadye Park and take Soaring over Moscow attractions. Hanging above the 12 meter console you will feel the smell of nature, gusts of wind, get some water sprays from the clouds of Moscow and see all the top sights: Kremlin, Red Square, Arbat Street, Gorky park,  VDNH and many other attractions of Moscow in the 8 minute movie.
  2. Take a ride at Moscow Cable Car road. The road opened just in June,2018 will take you from World Cup 2018 main arena Luzhniki up to Sparrow Hills observation platform – the zone of FIFA fan fest. It’s a lot of fun and a nice way to see Moscow river from a different angle. Don’t forget to enjoy by the terrific architercute of  MGU  – Lomonosov Moscow State University
  3. Go deep underground at Bunker-42 museum-one the must-sees attractions of Moscow deep underground. Make sure to wear trainers, you will have to walk downstairs and back upstairs 17 floors. Former home to aircraft defense the bunker is now a declassified object and a cool underground Moscow museum.
  4. Climb on the top of the roof of Christ the Saviour Cathedral– while visiting Christ the Savior Cathedral go to the terraces to enjoy spectacular view of the center of Moscow. The best way to do it is along with dramatic sunsets on a sunny day.
  5. Try typical Russian food at Moscow Central Market- a perfect place to find something local and one-of-a-kind. Nothing warms better than a bowl of hot Vietnamese soup, and tastes better than Moscow most popular drink-mango smoothie. The market is offering flavorful creations, the freshest, top-quality ingredients and traditional gastronomical goods.  Be sure that you tried most russian dish – Pelmeni
  6. Stroll across Crimean bridge and feel the beat of Gorky Park. It’s not just lawns, flowers, trees, Gorky Park also hosts one of the best beaches in the city center during summer, and it’s now a home to Garage contemporary art center. You can rent a bike or scooter there in summer,  though in winter there is a big ice scating rink! Gorky Park is a year-round destination for seasonal fun.
  7. Catch some live music at Red October Chocolate factory. Located at the small peninsula Red October is a former chocolate factory and now a famous place of night life in Moscow. Art-bar Strelka with famous lecture hall and a great view to Moscow biggest cathedral of Christ the Savior. Icon club offers action style atmosphere, join your friends, make some more and chill with the coolest music the whole night. There are plenty of venues where you can enjoy live concerts to any taste.
  8. Visit immersive opera– The Queen of Spades-with a vast chorus of singers, and elaborate solo passages – not to mention that you will spend almost 3 hours in the former estate of famous Goncharovs family. Follow the singers from one hall to another and get a glimpse of real Russian culture.
  9. Go to ride a tank to Moscow region. This a very cool way to spend your time and feel yourself as a russian 🙂