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“The most impressive parks and estates in Moscow”


Somebody thinks of Moscow as a capital of grey Stalinist era, but there are a lot of classical buildings there dating back to even earlier than the 19th century. So here we have a number of great palaces and ancient places in the city and a little bit outside but no longer than one hour away. To some of them you’d better take a car, and some are so central that you can easily walk to.

1.  Park Kolomenskoye-located just 30 minutes away from the city center of Moscow, that place dates back even earlier than the 17th century. Former estate of Peter the Great’s father Alexey Michalovich, it became a well-known UNESCO heritage sights. Nowadays Kolomenskoye is a Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve in the open air: Ethnographic art, historical and architectural complex with the existing facilities of the medieval farm, stables, a forge, an apiary, a watermill – all located on 390 hectares.


2. Park Tsaritsino– the palace in neo-gothical style built by 2 favorite architects of Catherine the Great in the 18th century, the palace has a mysterious history, which no one could solve even till now. Now the Tsaritsino park boasts not only historical architectural ensemble, but picturesque ponds, musical fountains, scenic landscapes and timeless atmosphere.


3. Bykovo– the only one gothic church in Moscow built in the 18th century by favorite architect of Catherine the Great.


4. Ryabushinsky or Maxim Gorky estate– art nouveau estate with marvelous work of one of the best architects if the 19th century Shekhtel. The design uses the motif of the underwater world, echoed in the colouring of the interiors painted aquamarine blue, in the seahorse-shaped door handles, and the depictions of foliage which complement the façades.

5. Archangelskoye estate– the estate belonged to Yusupovsky family. The manor house in Arkhangelskoe, and the estate in general, reflect the splendour of time gone by. They feature unparalleled interiors, collections of artwork, and a famous formal garden designed in the French style, with regular walkways, well-groomed bosquets and the finest specimens of garden sculpture.


6. Dubrovitsi – a unique church one hour away from the city center.


7. Kuskovo park– the whole ensemble – the park and the palace – belonged to the richest family in Russia-the Sheremetevs.


8. Ostankino Palace is a former summer residence and private opera theatre of Sheremetev family. Extant historical Ostankino includes the main wooden palace, built in the end of the 18th century around a theater hall, with adjacent Egyptian and Italian pavilions, and a 17th-century Trinity Church.

Ostafyevo-estate 9. Ostafyevo estate – known as Russian Parnassus belonged to Princes Vyazemsky, later to Counts Sheremetev and was built in the end of the 18th century.

Moscow-Park-Marfino 10.  Park Marfino-a landscape park and a number of buildings constructed in different styles dating back to the 16th century.The main house was built in the 18th century, but was completely rearranged by Bykovsky in the 1830s in the Gothic revival style. There are a lot of ponds there and you can even take a boat or a paddle boat to rent.