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“The 10 best contemporary art galleries in Moscow”

If you an art lover just like us, you will find interesting a list of our favorite contemporary art galleries in Moscow for your creative inspiration. Most of them were founded recently – in the late 90s and early 2000s.  Some of them are even free on the third Sunday every month.

  1. Garage art gallery in Gorky Park-one of the well-onion contemporary art centers founded by Darya Zhukova, the wife of famous oligarkh Roman Abramovich. Located in Gorky Park, that place offers the best contemporary art exhibitions on a temporary basis. Just two floors with interactive exhibitions and a lecture hall.
  2. Momma– a chain of museums, which hosts different temporary exhibitions in 5 separate buildings wide-spread all over the city. Installations, interactive objects- momma is one of the must-sees in Moscow for contemporary art lovers.
  3. MAMM-multimedia art gallery of contemporary photography, with 6 floors of different exhibitions. It has its own cinema hall with every-day shows of contemporary movies. On the first floor on Fridays they organize concerts, and the price is included in the ticket to the museum.
  4. Gallery of Lumier brothers– photography gallery which is located at Red October (Krasny   Oktyabr in Russian) – suggests one temporary photography  exhibition every month.
  5. Art play– that is a big space located near Kursky railway station just one stop from red Square. The former site of the factory it has lots of interior design shops, some exhibits on temporary basis, and the school of British Design.
  6. Winezavod– located just right next to Art play contemporary art space. A lot of exhibitions are free there. That space was founded on the former site of Wine factory. But from the year of 2000 all the factories on the grounds of Moscow are moved out of the city center. If you come there, check out the art shop which is one of the biggest in the city and don’t forget to drop into a local café, you will see some interesting art world people.
  7. Artforyou – a totally new space founded in the year of 2007  and located near Pushkinskaya Square, is free of charge and has more than 1000 works of Russian designers and artists on the regular basis. Some of the works you can even buy online at the auction.
  8. Solyanka art space – a  place for animation lovers. Two floors of interactive space with temporary exhibitions. Sometimes they create marvelous artificial spaces such as gardens, parks, beaches inside the museum. The aim is to make the person get deeper with the art. But you can always come there and watch some contemporary animations on a comfortable puffs spread out in the whole art space. Check out their website for the exhibits as sometimes they get closed for a month to prepare for the next one.
  9. Fabrika creative industry center- founded in the year of 2005 it is located in one of Industrial areas of Moscow near Electrozavodskaya metro station. In the 70s if the 19th century Elizabeth Dislen built a big industrial space there. From 1924 they manufactured different kind of paper there. And now the center offers young creative people to realize their ideas and demonstrate to the society.
  10. Mars space is a contemporary art center which points out that their exhibitions use high tech technology to influence people and use all the senses at the same time. There are also different kind of events, festivals for kids and adults there.