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Moscow Restaurants: “The best lunch offers “

ПушкинIf you are hungry after touring in Moscow, and want to have a good lunch, here is our top list of the best restaurants with business lunch. Mind that in many places in Moscow, even in expensive restaurants, from 12:00 to 16:00 there is special price for so-called business lunch.

1. Café Pushkin – the place is located in the heart of Moscow at Tverskoy boulevard and is named by famous Russian poet. The interior of the 19th century and traditional Russian cuisine. It offers great options for business lunch. You can order a la carte or take a special set which is nearly 12 dollars for 2 great dishes and a drink. Beef-stroganoff there is a must.

2. Hachapuri – Georgian chain of restaurants with business lunch option from just 6 dollars per person. Try their famous stuffed eggplants, hachapuri-cheese pie, chakhovbili-chicken stew, and famous mushroom harsho- very tasty soup.

3. Strana kotoroy net – never ending country-reassurance just right next to Bolshoy theater with a lunch option for less than 10 dollars. Good atmosphere and great food.

4. Balzi Rossi – italian restaurant with French waiters who speak only French or English. The atmosphere of luxurious Soviet time, grand baroque interior in one of the 7 sisters building – Stalin’s skyscrapers in Moscow. They offer 30% discount from 12 to 16:00 during weekdays.

5. Varenichnaya №1 – that is a cafe in traditional Soviet style with famous Russian dumplings with meat, fish, cherry and different fillings. And very very affordable.

6. Vysota – the place is located near Lubyanka Square, and offers traditional Georgian business lunch-with hinkali (Georgian dumplings with meat or lulya kebab-grilled cutlet).

7. Extra virgin – Italian restaurant with great options of risotto, pasta, pizza and special price for business lunch.

8. Soup café – located near Belorussian railway station that place is for soup lovers. Special price for lunch set.

9. Coffee house – it is a local chain of coffee shops wide spread in Moscow . They offer lunch special from just 5 dollars.

10. Hleb I vino – a restaurant at maroseyka street, offering a set for business lunch, with small portions but great quality of food-perfect for girls.