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Moscow Restauraunts: “The best places for breakfast”

If you want to have breakfast in the city, Moscow has a great choice of great cafes and restaurants with really affordable prices for breakfast special. Here is our list of 10 best places to have breakfast in the capital of Russia.

1. The first one in the list is café Pushkin. Try egg Benedict with salmon or pancakes with different kind of jam. And don’t forget to take their home-made coffee which they make in front of your eyes. The interior of the 19 century building will make your meal quite special.

2. The Bolshoy– the restaurant is located nearby the famous theater and has an atmosphere of grand Russian palace-the best cottage cheesecakes in the city. And porridge is to die for.

3. Brasserie bridge – the atmosphere of the place is fantastic, though the food is ok and a little bit overpriced for Moscow, but to have a cup of coffee is definitely worth it.

 4. Grand café Dr.Jivago–  this place is in charge of famous Russian Gurievsky porridge- a bowl of porridge which looks like creme brûlée but inside there are lots of berries. Remember- Russians like porridge for breakfast a lot so that place is the best to try it. And of course you heard or even read the famous novel by Boris Pasternak which the place was named after.

5. Moloko– or milk café- that place has atmosphere of European café and has variety of choice of porridges, cottage cheesecakes, omelette and pancakes.

6. Shastye na kryshe-or Happiness on the top of the roof. That place suggests traditional Russian breakfast-pancakes, porridge, cottage cheesecakes with a great view to the city.

 7. Coffee mania-that is a chain of cafes in the city which has a variety of choice of European breakfast. A lot of business people love coming there as the food is good and it’s wide spread all over the city.

 8. Shokoladnitsa-that chain of cafes is really affordable for breakfast and has the best rice porridge with berries.

 9. La prima-another place at Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, just next door to Katusha-has an atmosphere of luxurious café with very good prices for breakfast in Moscow.

10. Vogue café– if you want to feel yourself in the capital of fashion-go to that place, which is located next to Moscow’s most expensive store TSUM which sells Gucci, Armani and so in. The café suggests variety of pancakes, omelette, eggs, sandwiches, and of course cottage cheesecakes.
Wherever you go in Moscow in the morning-almost everywhere you can meet breakfast special-just ask.