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Moscow Metro: “Curious Facts and Secrets of Russian subway”


Moscow Metro is famous tourist attraction due to its beauty and authentic vibe. Here we made a list of the  facts about metro, which might be interesting before seeing it

1. Every day average  train in Moscow Metro covers more than 600 km, which is the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

2. The average interval between the trains is 90 seconds, in rush hour 30 seconds.

3. During the bombing of World War 2 the Moscow Subway, as well as the subways in some other cities, became bomb-proof shelters. Half a million people we’re hiding from attacks underground. Women and children slept in the carriages of trains that were parked overnight next to the platforms.


4. From the very first days of its existence, the Moscow Metro was the object of civil defense, used as a bomb shelter, and designed as a defense for a possible attack on the Soviet Union. Right now you can even see some of the former top-secret object Bunker 42, which is 65 meters underground and was built by metro builders and which used to have operational command center for the aircraft military service. You can find out more about this object on our Soviet tour 

5. Metro-2  is the  name for a secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro.  It is supposedly  operated by Ministry of Defence. Its length is rumored to exceed the public Metro. It is considered to have four lines and to connect the Kremlin with the Federal Security Service headquarters, in addition to other locations of national importance.

6. The overall length of railway lines of the Moscow Metro is over 300 kilometers. This is equal to the distance from Vienna to Prague.

Moscow-metro-Novoslobodskaya-station7. In the 1920s, German company Siemens-Bauunion applied to construct the subway, but the application was refused. So all the stations are made by Russian engineers, which are considered to be one of the best in the world.

8. Until the early 1990s, there were trash bins in the subway. However, they were later removed as a measure to protect against terrorism.


9. Automatic ticket barriers were installed in the subway in 1958. Before that tickets were checked by conductors. In the late 90s they replaced special coins for the entry to the metro with cards. There are different kinds of cards- some of them for the number of the trips, some of them unlimited for the certain period. Once you enter you don’t need to save the card if there are no trips left. Also you don’t have to buy another card if you want to change lines. There are no zones and the price for the ticket is the same everywhere.

10. There are fountains with drinking water at the metro stations. But no one knows about them. They are hidden from passengers.


11. Cleaning staff uses wet sawdust while cleaning metro stations, because it is good at gathering dirt and dust.

12. A male voice announces the names of the stations in the trains moving to the center of the city, and a female voice can be heard in the trains driving out of the center. The similar logic applies to the Koltsevaya Line: a male voice announces stations as the train moves in a clockwise direction, while a female voice can be heard in the trains moving counter-clockwise. This  is done in order to help blind people.


13. The design of the Moscow metro stations contains ancient fossils. You can see mollusks, sea lilies and even sea urchins on the columns and the walls

14. The exploitation of 1 km underground costs $2 million.


15. The construction of 1 km of Moscow metro costs $70 million (if the foundation is deep) and $30-40 million (if iltge foundation is not that deep).

16. Renaming of a metro station costs 1.5 million rubles.

17. The longest line is dark blue, Arbat-Pokrovskaya, with the length of 45.1 km. The longest gap between the stations is between Krylatskoye and Strogino metro station – it takes 10 minutes to get from one to another.

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